As I drove the long and winding mountain roads yesterday I had a revelation of sorts. After all these years I could finally put a descriptive name to what it is I do. I am a 'VISUAL STORYTELLER'.  

On any given day I do any number of tasks. Often I do many. I design, with old fashioned pen and modern computer. I carve, sculpt, cut, weld, hammer, grind, paint, gild, and a hundred other things. All this makes it difficult to define precisely what I do. But all of it is in service of telling wonderful and creative stories. That is what I do.

For each project we tackle, the first thing I do is determine the story. This theme is expanded, embellished and decorated to become the basis for each of our projects. Every element of the project design is carefully selected to further the story we are telling. Color, textures, font choices, graphics, sculptural elements - everything must be united in this story telling venture. Nothing can added uneccesarily for this would detract from the tale.

The Fox & Hounds Pub project was crafted in a grand scale to tell an elaborate story. Smaller projects are also guided by these same principles. The strong visual storytelling is what separates our projects from everyone else's. This is what I love to do. 

I am a visual storyteller extraordinaire. 

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments