What can possibly go wrong?

Some people seriously believe I live a charmed life where each day goes perfectly and nothing could possibly go wrong. The truth is my days are pretty much like everyone elses. In fact, I would argue that my days are filled with more things that go wrong than most others I know. Things go wrong regularly - sometimes horribly and almost always are my fault (although I don't often admit that publicly). I've learned through much experience that the best thing to do when this happens is to have a good laugh, to pick up the pieces and then learn from what didn't go right. 

Last week Jeff Hartman, one of the creators of EnRoute Software, was in my studio for a few days. Jeff has many hours of experience programming routers to do amazing things. But last week he was working on something new, writing code for our relatively new four axis router. We would test out the new code by chucking up a piece of work in the giant lathe and then test running it. At the same time we were creating sample pieces for the MultiCam router manufacturer to use as a sales aid for their machines. I was video taping the test runs to show how great everything was working.

As we pushed the go button on the router this particular time, Jeff asked me if we should perhaps do a test run (in the air) to prove the file. I shook my head... what could possibly go wrong?? We were about to find out...

No real damage was done although it looks serious. With a little tweaking the file ran perfectly the second time we tested it. Life went on after a good laugh!

-grampa dan 

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments