Another trade show is history.

I've attended many,many trade shows through the years. I've gone as a consumer, displayed my work, represented other companies and their products, and in the last few years attended as an instructor in various seminars and training sessions. Trade shows are a wonderful place to meet new people and make business contacts. But anyone who has attended a trade show, especially as a vendor will tell you that trade shows are exhausting. It is a fact.

Today, my work at the United States Sign Councl trade show in Atlantic City is done. My official job was to present three seminars, showcasing our somewhat unique methods of creating signs and doing business. Each session was unique, were an hour and a half long and I did one each day. I planned each presentation thoroughly, selected a 150-250 pictures for each presentation and carefully arranged them to illustrate the message I was presenting. This time around I wanted to keep my presentation as low tech as possible. I decided I would try my iPad as the launch device but I brought my laptop as well - just in case. Happily, the iPad was the easiest presentation device I've ever used. No devices needed to be selected or resolutions set. I just plugged the projector into an adapter and touched the screen. My presentation came to life perfectly in an instant. Each time I touched the screen the next image popped up on the screen flawlessly. I could forget the technology and only think about the next thing I would say. What used to be worrysome and frustrating became incredibly easy. I love technology like that!

Now as the trade show floor closes I've said my goodbyes to friends I only see occcasionally. It's time to have a rest before the long travel day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to going home.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment