Around the world in mere seconds

The world wide web is a wonderful thing. In the last few years the internet has changed virtually everything - especially in how we get information. In mere seconds we can access virtually unlimited information. I use it to gather inspiration and images as I work. I also use it as a way of getting the word out about the things we do. I find it fascinating how it works.

It is not unusual these days for me to recieve emails from South America, Australia, or someplace in Europe. Someone, somewhere reads of our work on the web and they in turn contact me with a question or comment. The five blogs I write are read routinely by many of these people and it is interesting how the number of followers grow on a regular basis.

Every once in a while I see a spike in the site analytics. Generally this means someone with a large following of their own has done a post about our work, linking their readers to our web pages. Instantly the numbers jump, sometimes dramatically. Two days ago I noticed a bit of a bump in the numbers, and then yesterday they spiked to over five thousand hits. Today the numbers jumped a whole lot higher once more. As I tracked back the source of the hits it surprised me to see they came from a Scandanavian country. The writer had come across our website and written an article on our house. The picture featured one of our signs.

Our work had instantly traveled around to the other side of the world once more. It seems the world is getting smaller all the time.

-grampa dan