Sub standard

We all have standards. Most of us are contantly trying to raise them and I am no different. Building skills and learning new things happens with every project we tackle but these things are best to happen on sample projects. Generally I have one or two samples on the go in our shop at all time. These projects are done over time, a few minutes here and there when I can squeeze it in.

During the same period I built the Shmyer's sign I also had the idea for a sub sign. I was working on new ways to build creative brachets into my signs. These brackets would not be merely added on but rather be very much a part of the sign. The submarine was inspired by the movie Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, or rather the submarine. I've never sen the movie but the submarine is very cool. That one was designed by Harper Goff back more than 50 years ago. The sub I built purposely does not look much like it's inspiration, the Nautilus, but that is where it started. 

The idea was to harmoniously incorporate as many elements into the sign as possible - all in service of the story. Look close and you can see a bunch. Barnacles encrust the rusty and pitted bracket. 'N' for north is at the top as is the compass needle. Two starfish cling to the surface. The outer ring is brass and rivets seem to hold it all together. The riveted plate submarine swims through the center. Everything is carefully aged down to unify the vision.

The sign hangs in my studio and each time I look at it I am inspired to raise my standards even higher!

-grampa dan

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