Shmyer's Harbor

I love to tell a good and entertaining story. As a grampa it is part of my job description after all. A while back I was teasing my niece and telling her a story that was based on a true event (as I remembered it). Janis (who remembered a different version of the story) was in the kitchen and under her breath declared me to be 'such a liar!'. Our niece didn't hear her and asked Aunty Janis to repeat her statement. Bec also in the room just said - 'rhymes with shmyer'. Ever since then, whenever I get into a good story family and friends say I'm shmying. It is all in fun of course - just like my stories.

When I was creating sample signs for my studio I wanted to do one that featured a small fish boat (named Janis Lee of course) As I thought about what the sign would advertise I thought about where it would hang - in my studio. This is my happy place, my place of refuge. We all know fishermen are great story tellers and although I don't fish I do share that attribute. The sign would clearly tell a (very short) story of my special place in only four words - Shmyer's Harbor Fishing Company. Like all my stories it had to be totally believable and yet highly embellished - all in good fun.

It is always fun to tell a good story!

-grampa dan