Time to GIGGLE

We've had so many great customers through the years that have allowed us to build some pretty amazing projects, but most also kept one hand firmly on their pocket book, always keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line. It was good business for them but only allowed us to go 70-80% of what we could have done. I was anxious to go all out on at least one major project in my lifetime. We had been dreaming of a small theme park of our own for better than a decade. the turning of the century proved to be the perfect time.

Amazingly, the half-acre, wall to wall themed Adventure Golf was built in only 100 days (long days). It was the hardest and most complex project we had ever done. We pulled together a team of enthusiastic, seasoned and skilled workers from previous projects and built a beautiful lttle park with no constraints. We started at the back and worked our way to the front, each team member putting their hearts into the project. In mid-July of 2000 the public rushed in the front gate as we pulled our tools out the back gate.

Giggle Ridge was fun to operate and doing so made us much better designers of theme parks! We could see first hand what worked and what didn't. We owned and operated Giggle Ridge for 12 years. The park was the very best example of our work and it brought us some pretty spectacular projects in the next years. That is another story I'll tell tomorrow...

-grampa dan