The number two

I love to hide things in my work and frequently do. It is my fun way of signing what I create, of putting a little more of myself into each piece I create. The things I hide are often not noticed. If someone does see they most likely will not know the meaning or significance of what they've viewed. But I know, as do those who know me well. That is all that matters.

I had a visitor last week who had a good look around the place and my shop. As they were leaving they turned and asked one last question. "What was the significance of the number two?" They had noticed it was on a bunch of the samples I have in my shop as well as elsewhere including our train which is parked outside. The question made me smile. The answer is simple. I am the second child in my family. I am number two. Number two is a cool number.  :)

Often there are other things hidden (in plain sight) as well. The name of our little railroad is another great example and it has lots of meaning. But I won't reveal all for that would take the fun out of the challenge wouldn't it?

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment