Birthdays and other things.

Today was my 58th birthday. When Phoebe heard, she rolled her eyes and could hardly believe anybody could be THAT old. It's hard to believe for me too for I sure don't feel that old. On most days I still feel much like I did when I was a kid - at least on the inside. I get to do what I love each day. I am surrounded by loving family and friends. 

I can't wait to get up each morning. Often my head is already full of ideas that are fun and exciting. I head out to the shop, ready to put these far fetched plans into action. Each day friends and/or clients call or drop in, often just to see what I am up to - welcome interruptions that keep me interacting with the world around me.  I happily share talk of the things I am working on and what is just over the horizon... and learn what they are up to as well. Family is just outside the studio doors, across the yard and I frequently break from work to spend time with them on required chores or just to spend time. The line between work and play is often so fuzzy there is virtually no separation.

Each year on my birthday I reflect on things - more as I get older. What would I change? I'd be hard pressed to think of ways to make things better. While I still wish for things, there is little I am truly wanting for. Life is so good - even at 58 years old.  I am a lucky guy without a doubt, but we also made many purposeful choices along the way that helped put us where we are. We all do.

My advice to anyone who will listen - dream hard and work towards those dreams. Take small steps every day. Start today what you want to be tomorrow.

I wish the same for everyone.

-grampa dan

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