Let the fun begin...

Blue sky is a term we use in our industry to describe things that are very much in the idea stage. Anything is possible at this point. That is how I feel about our new four axis CNC router and the capabilities it will afford us in our shop. The sky is the limit!

Just before Christmas our new four axis router was installed. It's a beauty and it runs FAST! Sadly, the tech who came from Texas used up his time here getting the machine assembled and running. There was no time left in his schedule to train me in how to use the new part of the machine. I could run the flatbed functions perfectly well for it was very similar to my old machine that I operated for almost six years. But the massive rotary attachment was, and still is, a bit of a mystery. With my lack of technical experience and knowlege it was best I let it sit idle until my MultiCam fellow could return. Next week Shawn comes back at last! 

In the meantime I didn't sit and mope. Instead, I've been dreaming and planning some exciting things. They will be samples for the shop of course. Paying jobs will follow when I have a better idea of how to use the machine and a little experience under someone who knows how.

The first project will be a display piece for my studio. I've drawn and built various versions through the years, including a full size balloon at West Edmontin Mall. But with the new MultiCam machine to help me, it can be a much more complicated design this time around. This early drawing dates back to 2001. There were earlier version long before that.


I did a few more sketches as I got serious and then welded up a sturdy steel frame to act as an armature for the hand sculpted part.

Then I did a composite photo/drawing with to imagine how it would look hanging in my studio when it was done. Next week the new fourth axis CNC router will help me put form to this very old vision at long last. This drawing helped me determine the scale and final design of the balloon.

This is going to be fun!

-grampa dan