Little things add up

 To comply with the many, many rules and regulations, lots of signs are required at the Fox & Hounds Pub. Inspectors demanded all kinds of signs in all kinds of places, many I would never have thought of previously. Some were rule signs for guests. Others labeled service areas or directed guests. Some merely fulfilled the law. While the permanent signs were being designed and fabricated, temporary ones were put into place, much to the chagrin of the owners. The 'ordinary' signs quickly undid the mood of the place, for they were sorely out of place and instantly undid the theme work we worked so hard to achieve.  Our job now is to create the necessary signs and still have everything look like it belongs. These signs won't win awards, but without them the project would fail visually.

This week we are doing these last 'little' signs. While not super creative by any means, the design is still very important to the Fox and Hounds. Each is routed from sturdy Precision Board high density urethane and will be carefully painted to look like aged, beaten copper with embossed lettering, much more fitting than the modern temporary ones currently in place. The router will spin for a while yet before we are done.

-grampa dan