Day of rest.

Sunday is the traditional day of rest and I took it pretty easy too. I managed to sleep in until Phoebe dropped in and could wait no longer for pancakes - a weekend tradition at our house. Grampa makes the very best pancakes it seems. Then I came out to the studio and did a little designing before working on the Shady Rest sign. It was fun to do the details. I couldn't resist hgoing a little crazy. His feet became bare, his stomach a little larger and a floppy hat soon adorned his head. The tree foliage was a first for me and I was pleased with how it turned out. The trick was to make it look delicate while still keeping everything good and strong, for this sign is going out in the elements and someone is sure to give it a tweak or two - just to see how strong it is. It should hold up just fine.

Now it is ready for paint as soon as the sculpting epoxy cures. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan