Workshops coming FAST!

I was looking at my calendar this morning and saw that the Sign Magic Workshop is now less than eight weeks away. It is coming fast! The Sculpture Magic Workshop is a few days later. These workshops are your chance to learn about everything we do in our shop. It is one thing to read of our imaginative projects here in the blog - quite another to see it all in person and better yet actually try your hand at those same things.

In our workshops I give a series of lectures covering all manners of subjects including design, structure, fabrication, marketing and a whole lot more. We also spend plenty of time out in the shop doing actual hands-on projects. We'll show you how we do everything, then guide you through the process. We supply everything you need. There are no pre-requisites. No matter what your experience level this workshop will change how you think about and do your art from here on in.


The workshops are a behind the scenes look in my shop and studio that is full to the brim with examples of my art. See and use the same tools and materials we use. In three long days we cover a whole lot of ground, including some offsite visits some large local projects that our team has done. Most of the meals are provided, taken right in the shop to maximize our time together.

Sign Magic Workshop - March 9-11, 2012   Go to   Sign Workshops

Sculpture Magic Workshop  March 16-18, 2012 Go to Sculpting Workshop

Or if you want more information email me or give me a call.


The three day workshop is to be held in our studio/workshop 

Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation

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-grampa dan