No welding in the shop this morning.

This morning the shop was off limits for regular work. As I've written before we host Pipsqueak Paddocks on our property, a miniature horse rescue society. The dimunitive horses we get are often in need of special care before they are sent on their way to new, loving homes. 

My tools are often commandeered when needed, to fix fences, build paddocks or a hundred other necessary chores. My heavy duty shop scale is often pressed into service as Bec and her voluteers monitor the horse's weights on a regular basis. The shop truck pulls the horse trailer or is used to fetch hay. Today the need was greater. One horse needed surgery and our welding table was cleared, the shop quickly swept out, lights rigged up and the vets moved in.

The surgery went well. Big Mac, the horse is doing fine and things in the shop will be soon back to normal once again. The shop does smell unusual now - sort of like a hospital. :)

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments