Magical Memories

There was a time, back in the mid 90's, that our company grew rapidly. We were commisssioned to build some very large projects, the biggest being all the theme work at West Edmonton Mall. Our projects included GalaxyLand, Professor WEM's Adventure Golf, Deep Sea Adventure and a whole lot more. To do all this work I had to enlist the help of a large crew. Most were fresh out of high school and friends of our kids, then about that same age. The crew was high energy, we always seemed to be right at the edge of control but it worked and worked well. We did an amazing amount of work in a short time. Those were magical days I will always remember fondly.

During that time we asked our daughter Rebecca to put together some music and Phoenix (then a soon to be son-in-law) to put together a presentation showcasing our work and the crew that did it. They did a marvelous job. Here's that video...


It is fun to remember!

 Here's the youtube link to paste in your browser if the viewer above doesn't work for you.

-grampa dan