Floating away in a hot air balloon

With the set up and testing of the new CNC MultiCam router out of the way it was time to chuck up the first real project and give the machine a whirl. The project was the hot air balloon for the display piece in my office. I showed the design about a week ago. The block of Precision Board was massive and heavy, measuring 14 inches by 14 inches by 20 inches. I designed the complex file for the router and then we carefully checked everything twice over. This was all new to everyone present. Then I pressed the button to set everything in motion. It was pure magic as the lathe spun and the machine started to carve. First it carved the corners off the block to make a cylinder and then in four passes a quilted balloon was revealed in the center.

Once the machine had done it's thing, it was time to start in on the hand built portions once more. I squared up the ends and drilled a hole to mount the cockpit that would hang below.

In the next days I'll fashion a nose and tail cone and a few more details before beginning the paint job to finish everything off.  Stay tuned...

 -grampa dan