Organized at last!

My studio and working areas have been slowly bilding up with unfinished projects and general clutter ever since we started in on our latest project. Sometimes it simply cant be helped. But it has been getting to me... so much so that this long weekend I simply couldn't stand it any longer. A deep clean would have to wait a while longer but it was time to take the time to sort things out.

Wall space is always at a premium and I needed a place to hang heavy and large signs while I worked on them. Something that held more than one sign would be a bonus. I started cutting and welding up a heavy steel frame, designing as I went. As I worked I remembered I had salvaged some cool steel frames, complete with some heavy duty castors. They were perfect! It didn't take long until I had a great looking frame which would hold a sign, front and back. A platform would hold my chair safely while I worked in comfort. A removable bar through the top frame would hold two more hanging signs. As an afterthought I decided to weld on the side table to hold a bunch of colored paint. And a large bucket fastened underneath would hold an ample supply of rags real handy. Best of all it all wheeled effortlessly around the studio as needed. 

Why I didn't build it years ago was the mystery.

-grampa dan