What goes around...

Many years ago when our kids were small I helped my brother-in-law select and negotiate a deal on a new car. He proudly brought his shiny new vehicle home to show the family. Our two small children, Bec & Peter of course wanted a ride. Somewhere on the ride Becky coughed and her gum flew out of her mouth and became lodged in the backseat carpet. I remember my brother-in-law being quite upset as we did our best to remove it. Life continued on.

Fast forward thirty years. This week Peter got a shiny new car. Phoebe, (Bec's daughter) of course wanted to have a ride. They buckled her car seat in and set off down the road. From the back seat Phoebe commented that uncle Peter's car didn't smell very nice. He proudly pointed out it was a NEW CAR SMELL and did in fact smell very nice... but Phoebe insisted that the smell was BAD! When Bec turned around to inform Phoebe is was indeed a new car smell she noticed Phoebe's shoe was covered in something she had stepped in in the yard - something NOT nice and VERY smelly. They rushed back to the house and spent the next twenty minutes cleaning off the back of one of the front seats and the rear carpet.

The new car had been initiated real well and everyone had a good laugh in the process. No lasting harm was done.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment