All dressed up with nowhere to go.

 Yesterday Phoebe was helping me in the shop. She was wearing a party dress because she has just returned from a friends birthday party. We were doing our very best to stay clean. even though it was a tough task. 

Outside it began to rain extremely hard. Phoebe of course wanted to play in the rain. She was wearing a new pair of colorful gun boots - perfect for this weather. I denied her wish for we had no coat and no change of clothes. But the rain was so inviting. Phoebe had to figure out a way she could go out and not get wet.

She quickly found a bucket and plopped it on her head. It would surely keep her dry! But I shook my head. The bucket alone was not enough. She rummaged though the shop, searching for something more. She tried to balance a two foot square piece of foam on top of the bucket, but it would stay there - especially if she were jumping in a puddle or some other fun thing. We had to come up with something that would work.

Then Phoebe spied a rool of plastic leanng in the corner. she suggested we cut a large piece off and then cut a hole in the center. She could poke her head through and wear it like a poncho. It took a few minutes to cut the plastic, and fit her head through the middle. She declared it perfect, plopped the ice cream bucket back on her head and rushed outside. Unfortunately the hard rain had stopped while we were getting her ready to play outside.

The good news was there were still some good size puddles.

-grampa dan