Maybe tomorrow...

Some days go better than others. Other days - not quite so much.

I had big plans for today. I would start a major file on the router. I also planned on welding up a big project. I slept in a little. It was Saturday after all. By the time I got out to the shop it was almost ten. As I walked past the truck I remembered I had to remove the hitch as someone was borrowing one of the trailers early tomorrow morning. As I removed the hitch I noticed the ball wasn't very tight. Than meant I had to locate the big wrenches and tighten things up. My neighbor came over for a visit and that took a little time too. But he is a great neighbor and I always have time for a chat. Then it was on to the originally scheduled events of the day - or so I thought. I warmed up the CNC router and attempted to start the files. But I had somehow got the tools out of order and had to go back and reprogram the files. No big deal but my schedule was slipping badly at this point. I started the router once more and then went out into the shop to start my metal working project - my main task for the day. 

I fetched my black sketch book out of the truck but couldn't find the carefully noted measurements and notes that I had taken last week. They were in my other notebook I had left at the worksite. No problem, for it was a nice day for a drive. I would eat lunch on the road. When I returned I cut some steel and fired up the welder. But the ground clamp came apart - replacing the failing clamp was one of those tasks I had been putting off. It was time to head into town to pick up a new one. Trimming the wire and fasstening the shiny new clamp in place took a little more time. I finished the first few welds and grabbed my old disk grinder to clean things up. This one was a spare as my other two grinders were at the worksite an hour away. The grinder let out a puff of white smoke and died before the first weld was smooth. I checked the time and I had just enough time to race back into town to buy a new grinder. Supper too, would be enjoyed on the road. 

When I returned to the shop I did a few welds, used the new grinder a little and was enoying my time on the job. But it was shortlived for I remembered an appointment I had made last week which would take up the rest of the evening. Not much progress had been made on my project. But that was OK. It had been the perfect day for some liesurely drives. Tomorrow, the project may get done.

-grampa dan

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