Workshop mania

Workshops are a lot of fun for me to do. But they also require many hours of preparation and planning time as well. The Toronto edition of the Sign Magic Workshop hosted by MultiCam - Canada is now only ten days away. Preparations have been underway for weeks. The materials and supplies have been ordered. Their MultiCam CNC machine is busy churning out the sample pieces needed for the students to practice their painting techniques.  Yesterday I went to the art supply store and stocked up on my brush and paint supply. The pace of preparation will pick up considerably in the next few days I'm sure.

This morning we recieved word that our Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine has been postponed for a few months and moved to Moscow. That is an exciting developmment to say the least. With our large project still very much underway here I am just a little relieved with the new plans.

But meanwhile the preparations for the two workshops to be held here in our shop in September/October are in full gear. I started routing the needed sample pieces yesterday for the Sign Magic Workshop. The router will run steady the next few days to do them all. I'm happy to report that the Sculpting Magic Workshop is having some pretty talented and skilled people sign up. It is going to be a great workshop! I will do my best to pull out all the stops to make sure the program exceeds everyone's expectations. 

And the Sign Magic Workshop planned for Orlando in November is very much on my mind. We are now making our travel arrangements with some extra time booked on the trip as well for a little fun and relaxation.  

Although exciting, it feels like I am being pulled in a bunch of directions at once at times. Being fully prepared well in advance gives me peace of mind and makes it all much more enjoyable. It is going to be a busy and fun fall season!

-grampa dan