Our 'hero'

We are at the stage in the Fox & Hounds Pub project where we start to turn our attention from the large pieces to smaller details that will ice the cake. It is all about story of course. The restaurant portion is a den of sorts and features the large wild boar (sculpted of course) over the fireplace. The left handed blunderbus that was used to bag the giant specimen will also be on display as will the tortoise beer sign and other memorabilia from that long ago age. Today the owner commented that we needed a portrait of our 'great white hunter'. He had to sport some furry muton chops of course as well as a sporty pith helmet. As I drew the portrait I thought the monicle added a pompous British aire as well. The epaulettes and stiff, starched button down collar on his tunic were the perfect touches to finish the picture. I can almost hear his thick accent as he speaks the Queen's proper English. 

Now we just need a proper frame.

-grampa dan