Nothing like working with family!

I've had the pleasure of working with my kids(now grown) for many years. Rebecca came and went for a bunch of years, returning to work with us for the last decade. Peter worked with me for better than fourten years befor moving on to realise his dream of being an animator. In the last three years he has been getting a degree in mathematics with the goal of becoming a nhigh school math teacher. - a worthwhile dream.

Between semesters he sometimes gives me a hand. Each time I am reminded how it was back in the day. With Peter I dont need to complete my sentences. He can look at the most basic sketch and simply start building. He's a chip off the block, tape measures, squares and levels are optional for like me he builds by eye to a visual standard. The things we build simply have to be right.

I saved one of the most challenging areas for when I knew we would have Peter. My plan was simple. It would go much, much faster than with anyne else I know. The contractor came through the trap door for the first time today to take a look at the progress. He was amazed!  It made me smile. But it gets better tomorrow.

Tomorrow my daughter Rebecca joins the crew. Then it will REALLY go fast!

-grampa dan