Hidden in plain sight

Things are always a bit hectic after a trip. There are plenty of calls to return, messages to answer and chores that need doing. And on the worksite I scrambled to bring in the materials we needed as well as organize the crew once more. In my absence the carpenters had prepped the next area we are to work... the old pub upper area and fireplace. They had removed what we didn't need and built a temporary floor over the sunken area around the fireplace. This allowed the pub to continued operating whie we worked above - hidden from view. A trap door opens when we need up or down.

The new feature we are building is a london rooftop, complete with many brick chimneys. The last two days have been spent framing the roofs and gables. Tomorrow we begin on the chimneys.

Colorful signs will hang from the heavy beams on the gables. Once our work is done we will remove the temporary floor and then work on the chimney/fireplace below. It will be a wonderful feature when we are done!

-grampa dan