Great white hunter - NOT

The Fox & Hounds Pub & Restaurant features a theme that celebrates all things British, but does it with tongue firmly planted in cheek. As the owners looked over the fireplace today the discussion turned to what type of feature piece would hang over the mantle. Of course one thing led to another... the ideas getting more outlandish by the minute. I suggested a tribute to the GREAT WHITE HUNTER, namely a mounted animal head - not real but sculpted with lots of character. Debbie, immediately suggested a wild boar. I whole heartedly agreed but added an antique blunderbuss with a plaque telling of the fearless conquest of our 'hero'. 

It was the perfect opportunity to create a piece that has lived in my head for ages... begging for the right time and place. It didn't take long to come up with the necessary images...  this is going to be FUN!

-grampa dan