So many pieces to the puzzle!

I've said it many times but it is certainly worth repeating again. While I get much of the credit for our projects, the truth is that many other people also put a lot of work into them. At the Fox and Hounds Pub project we are surrounded daily by so many great people who do their part in our projects. My own crew mixes the concrete, staples the wire, helps paint and many other tasks.

The contractor/foreman for the site makes sure all the trades are corrodinated and I have the things I need, when I need them. Carpenters frame the walls and put in the blocking the way I need. The electrician runs the wires, locates the plugs, and lights in ways that will best showcase our work. The insulators, drywallers, and otehr trades all help us along the way directly and indirectly. The heating folks put their ducts in place, making sure it doesn't impact the integrity of design of the work. 

Now as the finishing work begins, everything these folks do starts to directly impact our work. And on this site everyone is worksing haprd to make sure their work blends in and enhances the theme. We are all on the same team, and this is definitely not always the case on many projects. This job is pure joy as it comes together.

Today the tile guy was working his magic. He is eager that his tile play a supporting role for the theme. The owners picked out the perfect colors and everything is working so well together. 

In the end our company will undoubtably get lots of credit for this project and we will be very proud. Rightfully so for it is a very cool project. But as we take our bows we will also recognize the many others who worked so hard to make it the project it is. Thanks to each and every one who is helping and making it fun along the creative journey!

-grampa dan