Matching the picture in my head

Many weeks ago I talked with the owners of our latest project. I listened carefully to what they said, trying to ascertain what they liked and wanted in their new place. I also watched as they toured some of my projects and studio, taking note of what caught their eye. Then we toured their project, still in two by fours and vey much in construction. My job was to come up with a vision, a design to fulfill their needs and wants. In the process I hoped to satisfy my need to be creative. The designs, drawn in less than a week hit the bullseye. They were artistic conceptions, drawn quickly, with the limited knowledge of the site and what was to come.

Then construction began and these somewhat fuzzy ideas began to come to life. The realities of pipes, chimneys, wiring, physical limitations of space and a host of other concerns quickly came to light. There was lots of give and take, meetings with the contractor, trades and owners to sort out priorities, options and other things. Colors needed to be matched to floor samples and existing wall and trim colors in the old pub. We keyed up with the electrician to place specific lighting. Budgets always come into play as some options, while beautiful, are not necessarily a practical choice or viable option. Then there are the late coming ideas, that can add to the features or sometimes change things dramatically. The challenge is to stay aimed in the same general direction as the original vision through it all and hopefully make it even better!

Everything is constantly questioned and adjusted as we go with the final result not known for certain until the final brush strokes of paint are applied. Today, the bulk of the fireplace project was completed, save for some small touchups and the fox in the hole in the tree on the left. It awaits final approval from the owners of course.

Everyone who came in today was blown away by the striking colors. The fireplace had suddenly come alive!

And yes, it does match and in fact exceeds the original vision that lived in my head.

-grampa dan