Grampa's finest and favorite shirt.

I'm so very hard on work clothes Janis has taken to buying them at a thrift store. When I get them full of paint and cement it is no big deal. There are lots more where they came from.

Last week Phoebe (my six year old grand daughter) was helping me in my studio, She noticed my 'new' blue work shirt and thought it rather plain. She asked me if she could decorate it as a present for me. I of course said YES! She fetched a good supply of my felt markers and proceeded to draw the VERY BEST drawing she had ever done, by her own admission. It kept her busy for quite some time. She did the drawing while I sat in my chair trying my best to do some work of my own.

As she worked she kept up a steady monologue, as six year olds are apt to do, describing in detail what she was drawing, the habits of dinosaurs and anything else that came to mind. She was proud of her drawing and so was I. She asked me if I was going to wear it to work the next day. I explained that it was in fact dirty, for I had already been wearing it all day. But I assured her grandma would wash it carefully and I would wear it the first possible chance I could.

Last night after I had showered and changed I saw Phoebe. I told her I had on my favorite shirt and would wear it to work the next day. She beamed proudly and admired her work once more. It had not faded in the wash. I promised to show everyone at work just how beautiful my shirt was. She gave me a big hug and danced out the door. I did too, wearing my colorful shirt of course. 

Sure enough, I was the envy of everyone who saw it.

-grampa dan