Branding possibilities - unlimited!

We hear a LOT about branding these days. It is important. But as important as it is, I believe most of us miss tons of opportunities in our projects. It starts with our definition of a sign. At our shop a sign is anything that promotes our customer's business, product or service.

Today I started in on making the first of scores of corner blocks for the doors and windows. An image of the fox will appear everywhere, subtly and sometimes not so subtly reminding the guests of where they are while they enjoy themselves. The fox image on the blocks will face towards the center of the door and windows when they are installed. They will be of various sizes as needed.

On our last big project we managed to squeeze our customer's brand more than 120 times through the facility. I'm going to keep track of how much we can up the ante on this project. Any guesses?  :)

-grampa dan