Another busy day!

Through the years I have employed both men and ladies on my crews. I have no bias - a strong work ethic and happy attitude are far more important than mere strength and size. On the current project two young ladies are working with me. Sarah has worked part time for us for a number of years. Becky is new, just starting on this job. Both are university students. Both are new to the construction industry. 

Whenever I bring my crews onto a work site there are always a few raised eyebrows. Ladies are not common it seems. As we start our project all eyes are watching. The things we do are unconventional to say the least. We don't often use a level or tape measure but build instead to a visual standard. On this project we are purposely bending and warping everything in site. Square 6" x 6" posts rapidly become thick hewn timbers and giant trees. Faux beams sag under the imaginary weight of the roof. My job was to lay things out, guide the look of the project. Sarah and Becky cut the plywood and fastened the many pieces into place. Today the ladies used air staplers to fasten the diamond lath to the plywood. each piece of lath is cut, bent and fit before being stapled firmly in place. It is noisy, tough, demanding work, mostly done from ladders.

Thanks for a great job!

-grampa dan