Painting in Wisconsin

Two days ago I flew into Chicago, Illinois for a mural project in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The mural I am leading is one of twenty one murals to be painted over the next three days. One hundred and seventy artists have come from across the USA, Canada and beyond to do the project. It will be my one hundred and nineteenth mural.

We laid out the mural last night. getting a good handle on the project, right off the bat. This morning , very tired after my long trip, I overslept my alarm. But as I looked out the window the soft falling rain made it a moot point. It didn't matter. I'll spend the morning visiting with my many friends, waiting for the skies to clear. Then we'll paint long into the day and evening to make up for lost time.

Stay tuned for progress pics over the next few days...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment