Great crew - great progress!

On this project I have two helpers. Sarah has worked with us for four years. Becky is new to our crew and doing exceptionally well. The woodworking part is a new skill to both ladies but they are learning fast and keeping me scrambling to keep up. The contractor and his crew are working hard to keep ahead. It makes me smile as they use levels, tape measures and lasers to get everything perfectly level and plumb. We come along after and spend lots of energy making it bent and wiggly.

We are busy building a plywood armature, then covering it with a galvanized metal lath in preparation for the sculpted fiberglass-reinforced-concrete. After only three days on the job it is looking pretty fine! I am very pleased with the progress.

Tomorrow we spend in the shop doing prefabrication. Saturday I begin the onsite welding of the tree armatures.

-grampa dan