Signs work!

I often get asked just how I find the customers who want the very unusual dimensional signs we make. The reality is our customers find us.  Yesterday I had a new client contact me. His business is about forty miles distant. I asked him how he had found us. His answer didn't surprise me. Our signs had drawn him in. He wanted signs that were just as effective.

The sign that had grabbed his attention was our 'sidewalk' sign we have out on the road. The municipality required our sign to be portable and not permanent. Since wheels would make it easier to move I decided to build the sign as a small cartoon tuck with information in the bed of the truck. A handle fits into the crank hole, making it easy to wheel in like a wheelbarrow.

Since we first put the dimensional sign out by the road two years ago it has stopped countless people. From time to time they come in wanting one of their own for their businesses. We are only too happy to help.

-grampa dan