A hard day's knight!

It really is a dark and stormy night outside but I'm warm and toasty inside and having fun too! Each project we get is new and exciting. Inevitably it is a brand new challenge too. 

Our latest project is a sign for a well known restaurant franchise in these parts.. Jack Niemann's Black Forest Restaurants. A new one is being built in Blaine, Washington and we got the nod to do the sign work. Jack asked me to go all out on this one and I happily obliged. :)

The upscale steak house will feature a massive knight in a suit or armor in the entry. THey lovingly call him the tin man. Based on that feature I designed the sign to play on the same theme. The hanging sign is dimensional to the extreme and is five feet tall, four feet wide and a foot and a half thick. A miniature tin man will grace each side standing watch over the entrance. Today I finished sculpting the first of the two knights.  

He looks pretty cool on the sign! Tomorrow we'll get a good start on the sign bracket and most likely finish the second knight. Hopefully the steel bracket components will be finished by a subcontractor tomorrow and I can begin welding things up to be able to hang the sign. Then I will be able to get to the second side. By the end of the week the sign will start getting a coat of paint and then the gold leaf as a crowning touch. I can hardly wait!

I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan