And then it was gone!

It is always an exciting day when we deliver or a client comes to pick up their sign. In this case the client has been anxiously watching from afar as the sign came together. They had been watching this blog as the sign progressed. We had been in touch via email and they were pleased with what they saw. Even so it was exciting to see it in person for the first time and they were more than pleased! We got the paperwork out of the way and then it was time to fire up the neighbor's forklift and move it to the trailer. It looked tight at first, but it fit with a couple of inches to spare.

Once things were lined up we slid it into the trailer and bolted it to the floor. A few well placed ties secured it in case of a sudden stop or turn and we quickly welded on one more small brace to the stand - just to be sure. Just like that the deed was done and the bull sign was on it's way home to Kimberly at last. The owner has promised me some photos of it hoisted into it's final hanging place. I'll post the pictures here when I get them.

The yard felt empty as I walked in for supper tonight and I wondered what his name is going to be...

-grampa dan