Temporary stands

One of the constant challenges we face is how to support our projects while we work on them and more importantly, safely transport them to their final destination without damage. It's something we have to think about from the very start. We've found the safest way to support and transport the pieces is using their final support structure. This is how they will be mounted when they are installed. On larger pieces this support structure is engineered and always overbuilt. The sign we are currently finishing up is a good example.It has an internal welded steel frame with large eye bolts protruding out the top. Those same fasteners are the way we will transport the sign. I welded up a simple temporary frame from some inch and a half square tubing with mounting points on the bottom which we'll lag bolt to the trailer floor for transport. It has no chance of sliding or tipping over that way. The sign may swing a little while it travels but it shouldn't be any more than it will swing in the wind in it's final home. 

sign on stand 1.jpg

Most often our stands are used again and again for multiple projects. Since our client is picking up this sign at our studio and taking it 300 miles distant the stand will most likely stay with him this time as it's simply not worth bringing back. 

-grampa dan