Four wheeling fun!

Many years ago I was into four wheeling fun. I had an old Toyota Land Cruiser which we had stuffed a big V-8 engine into. It sported massive wheels, winch, full roll cage and bright yellow paint. Since the vehicle was so heavily modified we dubbed it ‘Bionic Banana’. We would go out into the bush each weekend and challenge all kinds of steep roads and trails with my brother-in-law and his similar vehicle. Those were good times.  

As I work on this latest project for Cap-It II can’t help but remember those four wheel drive adventures of so long ago. The last of the pieces have now been cut for the sign. I couldn’t resist putting them pieces together to mock up the project and give it the old eyeball to see how it was working. As I stepped back to take a look it made me smile for this sign is going to be a real head turner. I can imagine it with all the colors and the details yet to come. It will even sport the same bright yellow paint as my old ride. Tomorrow I’ll start to glue all the bits together in preparation for the Sign Magic Workshop, now only days away. During those busy days I'll get to work on the sign as I show just how we make our magic.