Cleaning house

They say if you want a clean house then you should just invite company over. It's true.

With eighteen guests coming from across Canada and the United States for four days next week for our Sign Magic Workshop you can bet we have started a deep clean of our shop. We know from experience they will be poking into every corner of the shop with their cameras handy. We encourage it. It's the very best way to learn and we hide no secrets.

Preparations are in high gear now in our shop. The dirty work is almost done and a deep clean is now in progress. We've been slammed lately, and the inevitable clutter and dust has been accumulating in areas less travelled. But in between working on the projects we will be featuring at the Sign Magic Workshop we've been sorting, stacking, sweeping, dusting, and organizing. By the time our guests arrive next week we'll be ready. 

-grampa dan