A vault of ideas - just waiting.

I often get asked how I can constantly come up with my somewhat unusual ideas. While I can’t claim to instantly know the answer to every creative challenge I face, I certainly know where I can go to get an idea - or at least the inspiration for one. I love books, preferably books with lots of pictures. I’ve been collecting them for decades and now have more than 1300 in my library. Hundreds more periodicals and magazines are in another section on the shelves. More than 20,000 photographs also document things I’ve sen and places visited. Scores of sketchbooks hold a myriad of notes and other ideas.  I read them regularly too!

Creative output without plenty of creative input simply isn’t possible.  These days the internet is a wonderful source of ideas too, but there’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down with a good book ad filling my mind with ideas. Since I know my library well, I know just where to go to find the images I need. I’ve learned through the years to take every opportunity to look at books.  When I find one I like I know better than to pass it by for often I will never see it again - especially if I am far from home.  It is always time for a good book!

 -grampa dan 

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