The lights are on!

There are few things that add more sparkle to a sign than lights. With the advent of modern LED lighting, it is now possible to include lighting in ways we could only dream of years ago. Now it is easy, safe, efficient and economical.

I found a new lighting system a couple of years ago that looked promising. It is called Heico Lighting  It was a while before I had a chance to try them out on a project. Late last year, the MultiCam office project was the first time I got a chance to really give them a test drive. I was impressed to say the least. After more than a year in operation they still are just as amazing and still work perfectly. 

I couldn't resist adding some of these little LED lights to brighten the windows of the Rovers Return Inn sign. Peter and I picked up some white plexiglass today, cut it to size and popped the pieces into the window frames from the rear. Then we tested out a couple colors of the Heico lighting modules. We both agreed the amber added the perfect colored glow. The warmly lit windows were the crowning touch. In the subdued light of the pub this sign is going to look stunning! One more piece of eye candy is now ready to hang at the Fox and Hounds Pub.


We have a number of very creative projects lined up for the New Year that will use this amazing technology. Stay tuned...

 -grampa dan