More inspiration

I love to travel for doing so exposes me to countless ideas. The fact is they do things differently everywhere I go.

I always keep a small pocket camera strapped to my belt, ready to whip out and snap photos of what I witnes along the way. It didn't take long to find some cool ideas that may help to inspire future projects. Some are simple but very clever. Others much more intricate and complicated. All are worth gathering.

As I got off my plane I took notice of the signs in Philladelphia Airport. Each was identical in size and shape and yet each was different. The brackets were clever. This was an idea worth stopping for. 

Everywhere I went in Atlantic City there were plenty of ideas. My camera was out often. One cool bridge truss type structure caught my eye. It was the sign for Bally's casino on the famous boardwalk. It was very large in scale as were most things in that location. Instead of dropping my money in the slot machines I spent my time gathering ideas.

Now I'm back on the way home to the little town of Yarrow, British Columbia... my head full of new ideas and ready to go to work once more.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment