Flying adventure

Flying has always intrigued me. When I was younger I wanted to get my pilot's licence. Split vision (meaning I look out of only one eye at a time and have no depth perception) made that impossible. But I still love planes and flying. For many years, back when I did pen and ink drawings, one of my specialties was aircraft. I did many, many drawings of commercial aircraft along with limited edition prints. One of my commissions was to draw all the aircraft that Telus owned and operated. A perk of this job was I got to fly in many different aircraft along the way. It was exciting!

Now I fly commercial for the most part. Layovers mean I get to see aircraft coming and going, which is always facinating. A window seat is a must for I love to watch the countryside flowing by far below. The journey often is almost as exciting as the destination. Even after countless flights I can't get over that I can have breakfast on one side of the continent and a few hours later have supper on the other, thousands of miles distant. 

What is just as amazing to me is the digital communication we now enjoy while travelling. I'm posting this wirelessly (and on a free network) from the airport in San Francisco while I wait for my next flight. I just video conferenced with Janis a few minutes ago. And I am also staying connected with my email. On the flight from Philadelphia I wrote a magazine article on my iPad which is due early next week. I have a good book downloaded to my iPad to read a little later and should I wish I can even do some design work on my laptop. We live in a truly amazing world!

-grampa dan

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