What could possibly be next?

Each time we work on a project I do my very best to raise the bar, often not knowing exactly how we might pull it off... but we always manage - somehow. I have no trouble imagining the designs, but building the projects is often much more the challenge. This is exactly what keeps my job fresh and exciting every day. It is always new territory, untested ground we are walking (or running) through. This is what keeps me excited about going to 'work' every single day. 

I get a kick out of the comment I often hear whenever we finish a project. Everyone wonders just how we will do better than the last. The answer is easy. The project just finished is behind us. I am already thinking about the next, and quite possibly the one after that. It doesn't matter if the next project is larger or smaller than what is just completed, it will always be more imaginative and most likely much further 'out there!' Sometimes by a significant distance! 

One of the projects for early in the New Year was approved this week. It will be a series of three cartoon robot displays designed to showcase what we can do with a MultiCam CNC router and plasma cutter. The displays are for trade show booths and will be of a scale to be interactive with guests as a photo op.

The new thing on these signs will be the many LED and fiber optic lights we will incorporate into the projects in new and exciting ways. I've been puzzling for almost a week on how to include everything to make these signs like none seen before. There was one particulary tough spot I was a bit worried about. But in today's mail there was a mysterious package, and in that package were sample LED lights that were brighter and smaller than anything I had seen previously. It was the perfect solution! Problem solved. This is going to be a lot of fun!

And after this is done, you can bet there will be something even more exciting...

-grampa dan

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