Doing the 'impossible', without breaking into a sweat

Today, as Hailey was painting the detailed lettering on a sign for the Fox and Hounds Pu, we were chatting. She commented to me just how much she enjoyed hand painting. I reminded her how when she started with us only five months ago, she would never have made that comment. Then, she was somewhat unsure of her abilities, and sometimes expressed a little trepidation with a new job I gave her. She hadn't used many hand tools previously. But I strongly believe there is a world of difference between what we believe we can do and what really is possible if we really set our mind to it. Surrounding ourselves with others who believe in our abilities at a critical moment often gives us just the boost we need to do the seemingly impossible. This summer I witnessed it many times.

In the last five months, I have watched Hailey's confidence and abilities grow daily. Often I would ask her to do a job with only minimal instruction (on purpose). Doing so forced her to figure things out - which she always did in a hurry, for Hailey is eager to learn and has a strong work ethic. I watched carefully from a distance and I was not disappointed. I knew from the start that I (and she) had no worries. 

Hailey has discovered there is a world of difference between 'I can't' and 'I don't yet know how'. I look forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the future. I have no doubt it will be cool!

-grampa dan