Opening packages is FUN!

I love to get the mail. It is fun - even if it is only junk mail. I'm still a big kid at heart and I never tire of surprises. I put the key in the lock and give it a turn... then peer inside to see what surprises lay in hiding. Even better is when a giant truck backs down the drive. I guide him up the long winding drive then stop him on the cement pad, forklift idling in wait. We roll up the big door and glimpse inside to see what surprises lurk in the dark.

Today was such a day. Today, our big supply of Precision Board arrived from California. Three large pallets - almost five and a half TONS in all. This is the material we use in many of our projects. This supply was enough to keep us being creative for a LONG, LONG time.

This load was special, for it contained large blocks of this material that we will use with our new four axis MultiCam router.

My good neighbor Gord did more than just lend me his forlift, he offered to help unload as well. I know he too is a BIG kid inside and loves deliveries just as much as I, so I allowed him to play in our yard. I was glad he was there for this was a challenging load to get off the truck. We had fun for almost an hour before it was all off safely! Then he had to go do his chores while I used the forklift to bring it all into the shop.

For the next two hours I unpacked, sorted and piled our supply. It was way more fun than actually working!

Now the real fun can begin once more. There is enough Precision Board to make a WHOLE LOT of cool projects!

Stay tunes for what develops...

-grampa dan

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