Busy crew

Today Phoebe jpined me in the shop to help me with my work. But it wasn't long until she got busy doing projects of her own. The tubs of sand provided the perfect material. It wasn't long until water was added and suddenly all kinds of things were possible. The first project was to sculpt a mud couch. Phoebe labored over it for a long while until it was perfect in every way.

Then it was off to do some other creative things. A mud sign was the next project, featuring her very own hand print of course. A mud table for the mud couch was then crafted. And after all that hard work it was time for a treat so Phoebe whipped up some mud cookies.

Before long a good chunk of shop floor was covered with all kinds of things made out of mud. It was time for the toughest job of all... CLEANUP. But with only a little grunting and complaining Phoebe did a wonderful job. Then it was time for some real lunch. This aftenoon we'll begin a new adventure.

-grampa dan

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