In the mood?

A friend asked me today if I needed to be 'in the mood' to be creative. I said no. I can be creative any time I want to be.

But that isn't really true. Or at least it isn't always true until I force myself to actually get down to business. 

From time to time a project I am doing gives me trouble... or I believe it will. In that case the project will languish for a long time in my studio. I keep meaning to get to it, but each time something else that is 'more pressing' takes it place. I'll go to town and change the oil in my truck. The shop needs cleaning. Another project will need to be done first. I have emails to answer or a speach to write. Phoebe needs to be played with... you get the idea. And all are good reasons to put off the project. Eventually a deadline will force ot to actually get on with it. There is no more putting it off.

And as I get down to actually doing this job I find it isn't nearly as tough as I feared. The project is even enjoyable and fun. Progress is rapid and the end result just what I wanted from the start. 

Today I was resolved to do some major work on a project that has just such a history. I've been hacking away t it for weeks but never made great progress. Today I will finish the sculpt ot this project. I've done the dogs faces twice and then taken the die grinder and removed them the next day. For too long other projects have jumped the line and been finished. But today I am resolved to just get down to business and be creative. 

This morning I made breakfast, went to town, had coffee with my dad, changed the oil in the car, bought some new shirts, came home, stuffed some leaves in the dumpster, answered my emails and played with Phoebe. Then I made us some lunch. After lunch I declared myself 'in a creative mood'. Then I mixed up some sculpting epoxy and set to work.

And I discovered once more that I can be creative any time I set my mind to the task. I was suddenly in the mood.

-grampa dan