Hither and thither.

The days of working on one task all day at the Fox & Hounds Pub are now long gone. It is time to go back through the project to catch all the loose ends that weren't totally finished at the time we were there. The list of things to do is still sizable but we are making our way through it. The ladies are still busy faux finishing the ceiling and beams, the last areas requiring this treatment. I am flitting around doing all the other things. The beam in the kitchen area got it's final coat of paint on the lettering. Then it was on to patching and texturing the ceiling here and there and everywhere. After that we finished sculpting the grape vine at the entrance to the pub. And so my day went. 

In the new restaurant area the owners and crew were busy shining up things and arranging the new furniture. Dimensional signs and artwork will be hung in this area early next week.

The project is looking better every day! Guests who have not come in for a while are extremely positive of what they see. 

-grampa dan