Back to work!

This afternoon I arrived back from Florida. I stopped in at the Fox & Hounds Pub to take a look at the progress on the way home. The ladies made great progress in my absence and it felt like we were in the home stretch at last! The carpet goes in starting tomorrow morning, meaning we'll be painting on tarps from here on in. Not my favorite but necessary to keep the business going at the pub.

When I got home I took the time to read the mail and catch up on the email. I also spent a little time with Phoebe before she headed home to bed. Then it was out to the shop to put in a little time on the signs in progress. There is plenty to do there!

The main building sign for the pub is now carved and ready for final sculpting and paint.  We'll start in on the epoxy sculpting starting tomorrow night.

I spent a couple of hours finishing up the base coats on Big Ben, making it ready for a couple of layers of glazes and final highlights tomorrow. He's looking pretty cool.

Now I'm pretty much jet lagged and done - even though it is still relatively early. Tomorrow is another day...

-grampa dan