Balance in our lives between work and everything else important is something we all try to achieve. At times it is difficult. One way we manage to keep family in focus is to have our workshop and studio on the same property as our house. It has become a lifestyle rather than a job. And it works well for us. Our kids grew up in my studio. Now, it is Phoebe, my grand daughter, who is often around and 'helping' on a regular basis.

At our workshops we host I talk of that balance and how it works here. Through the four days our guests interact with us they see how woven together everything is. Janis and other family members are hard at work in the house preparing the meals we enjoy together. They play a huge role in our workshop. Becky, my daughter, helps with the organizing and teaching in the workshop. And Phoebe, my six year old grand daughter, is here in the workshop during mealtimes and in our workshop times. She mingles with the guests and builds projects along side them, adding her charm to the mix. While my prime focus has to be the students I also have time to tend to her needs. 

This past weekend I was giving one of my lectures as she was just up the stairs in my upper studio playing quietly on a computer. Suddenly she cried out excitedly "GRAMPA!'  I had to stop and look for it was obviously important. "A real live squirrel is on the window sill - right by my computer!" Everyone had a look and a good laugh for it was true. Once the excitement had died down I went back to the lessons at hand.

Today Jeff Hartman sent me a picture he had taken during the workshop. It beautifully captures a moment Phoebe and I shared during the workshop - one of many. And it demonstrates the balance we enjoy - even in the busiest of times in our shop.

All this reminds me of just how lucky I am on a daily basis. I get to do the exact type of work I love. Best of all I get to do this while those I love surround and support me. It does not get better than that!

-grampa dan

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